Public Conversations Project fosters constructive dialogue where conflicts are driven by differences in identity, beliefs, and values.

  • On Dialogue and Democracy in Nigeria
    Dave Joseph shares his perspective on fraught Nigerian elections, and the glimmers of hope there. READ MORE
  • New Workshop Opportunities
    Public Conversations offers new learning opportunities with our Salons and Workshop Series. READ MORE
  • New Leadership
    Public Conversations Project welcomes a new Executive Director, Parisa Day Parsa. Get to know her. READ MORE
  • Our Method
    We all know what it feels like to have a good, constructive, respectful conversation. Our method is designed to help people have the conversation they need to have about some of the most difficult topics.  READ MORE
  • Our Impact
    At Public Conversations, we say "shifts happen." Learn about the shifts that have taken place for our clients and partners after working with our practitioners. READ MORE
Feb 12, 2015
"People can absolutely not imagine having a conversation with someone that they really, really differ with. And there's so much surprise that they can make a connection with someone that they really differ with." Public Conversations... READ MORE >
Feb 10, 2015
For many years, Rabbi Or Rose of Hebrew College in Newton and Public Conversations Founding Associate Maggie Herzig have known one another and appreciated each other’s areas of expertise and teaching. This year, they finally had the... READ MORE >
Feb 10, 2015
Public Conversations Project is expanding its workshop offerings this year! Mix it up with the experts with our evening Salons. This spring we're kicking off a series of evening Salons with Public Conversations, each featuring one of our... READ MORE >
Robert R. Stains, Jr., MEd | Video

Dialogue: A Virtual Workshop is a series of 12 videos sharing the basics of the Public Conversations Project’s approach to dialogue.

Dialogue around the world
Feb 20, 2015

George Mitchell didn’t enter Northern Ireland as a peacemaker. In February of 1995, President Clinton appointed him to a trade mission, meant to last until the end of the year.